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If you are still on a hunt for the one perfect Christmas swimming gift for your loved ones or even for yourself, don't look any further.

Let me highlight a few swim items which I think would make a perfect gift for a swimmer.

Firstly, I apologize to those swimmers who do not celebrate Christmas, but this swim gift list does not have to be only for this holiday occasion.

Feel free to get ideas for your holiday or for any other celebration such as a birthday or name day.

Sometimes giving a swim gift, just because it is a nice thing to do, can go a long way.

Personally, I am not a big fan of useless gifts which one does not need or which are for decorative purposes.

If I give a Christmas gift, then it has to be a truly useful item that the person will get to utilize in their life.

I know, I know, this ideology does not work well with many people. It should be the idea of a gift that counts and not the gift itself.

But I still have a hard time giving something that I know the other person will not use.

With that in mind, the same ideology can be applied to swimming gifts.

Gifts for swimmers of all abilities
Gifts for swimmers of all abilities

Some swim items are not very useful, even though they might be cool looking, on the other hand, some swim items make swimmer's journey to a good swimming technique much easier.

With further ado, here are the top gifts for swimmers:

Swim Gift #1: Swimmer's snorkel to get your mind focused without the breathing distraction.

Whether you want to work on your rhythm or your above water recovery using the Swimmer's snorkel will keep you distraction-free.

It is the number swim gear, I'd recommend to all who would like to improve their swimming.

Swim Gift #2: TechPaddles or Antipaddles to get that forearm feeling the water and improving your stroke efficiency with the high elbow catch ( early vertical forearm).

These unique paddles will basically let your hand slip through the water, so you need to work extra hard to get a grip.

Therefore, you'll be forced to utilize a better arm position for your pull.

Swim Gift #3: Zoomers Gold or shinfing leg fins to stop your legs from sinking to the bottom, to teach you the right way to kick and to strengthen the right kicking muscles.

Each of these fins serves a different purpose.

Zoomers, with their shorter length, force you to kick faster. They will help you with improving your kick.

Shinfin leg fins, apart from being great for body surfing in the ocean, they also have a purpose in learning to swim efforts.

The beauty of Shinfins is that they will force your legs to stay at the surface, so you can focus on properly kicking.

Swim Gift #4: SafeSwimmer Float  for your open water safety.

If you are in a triathlon or open water group, safety is the number one concern when you are out there without any swimming lanes or swimming pool walls.

So do not take it for granted and grab yourself a swimming buoy to go with.

The safety buoy is a nice gift because it is thoughtful as well as useful.

SwimSense Performance Monitor
SwimSense Performance Monitor

Swim Gift #5: Wetronome or the Finis Tempo Trainer to find your perfect stroke rhythm and to keep you going like the Duracell bunny.

The tempo gadgets are great for adding a rhythm to your stroke. A stroke with every beep.

Swim Gift #6: Subscription to or the Clean Up Your Stroke DVD set to be better equipped with the right knowledge from the best in the swimming business.

GoSwim TV features 100s of videos that help with your swim stroke.

Swim Smooth's DVD set will explain and breakdown the freestyle stroke in a way that you will understand.

Swim Gift #7: Swimovate Pool Mate** performance monitoring watch gadget to give you, even more, to think about when you swim :).

This swim watch is really only for the advanced group who need to keep track of their swimming with online training logs, analyze their stroke counts and pace.

However, it does add a bit of a motivation to your swimming which is always useful.

Bonus Swim Gift: last but not least you can recommend Swimator Blog to all the enthusiastic swimmers on your list to give them the gift of knowledge :), so their swimming improvements come in leaps and not in strides.

There you have it, the best Christmas gift ideas for swimmers as I see them.

I just concentrated on swimming technique related gifts, so I have omitted some obvious swim items such as swimming Ts with different slogans, customized swimming caps or just plain ol' swimsuits.

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