The Swimator Blog was started in 2005 as a blogging experiment to help explain and teach the magical world of swimming to anyone who is interested.

With 25 years of competitive swimming and 15 years of coaching experience bundled with humor and patience, the site has since grown into a learn to swim portal with thousands of eager visitors every month who are here to improve on their swimming technique.

More plans to expand are underway.

The mission

Provide all necessary knowledge about swimming technique and guide swimmers through their daily swims, so they achieve the goals set (whatever they may be).

Water does not have to be the enemy and swimming could be relaxing as well as fulfilling part of your life.

Meet your coach

Swimator Coach Libor Janek started his swimming career in the Czech Republic at the age of 6 and constantly improving his national rankings until he became a member of the National Czech Junior Swim Team, representing his country at various international meets as well as capturing a few Junior National Titles in individual medley events (all strokes swam in one event).

At the end of high school, Libor moved to USA where he pursued his swimming and higher education career further.

First, competing on the Florida high school level and later advancing into a collegiate NAIA division with University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky. While at UC, Libor has captured over 30 All-American national titles, broke NAIA individual medley records (in meter pool) and also was voted as a Male Swimmer of the Year for the 2000 national championship. Libor is to date the most honored swimmer at UC and still holds some all-time records.

This is also where Libor's coaching career began.

After his collegiate swimming career was over, he accepted an Assistant Coaching position with the UC swim team where under the mentorship of Garry Nelson, he served as a technique specialist coach and helped reshape and restructure the UC swim team.

In 2011, for his sport achievements while at UC, Libor was inducted into the UC Hall of Fame

After Libor's debut at UC, he accepted an Assistant Coach position with the Men and Women's team Minnesota State University in Mankato which lead to an Interim Head Coach position the following year (2003).

As a Head Coach, Libor started the revival of the struggling NCAA division II team and ended his season with 16 school record.

During his time at MSU, Libor also took part in Skip Kenney's International Swim Camp at Stanford to learn from one of the best coaches in the world. Skip Kenney was the US Men's Swiming Head Coach at the 1996 US Olympic Games in Atlanta and also served as an Assistant Coach in the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympic Games.

After the camp, Libor served as a Director in the first Nike swim camp in Mankato at MSU where he taught swimming technique to kids of various ages.

Post MSU, Libor decided to pursue his academic career in Computer Science by moving to California to work with Google, however, swimming is in his blood, so he accepted a part-time instructor position with the Santa Clara Swim School where he taught swimming skills to both kids and adults.

In 2005, Libor moved to Dublin, Ireland for a couple of years, then traveled the world for a bit and settled in Helsinki, Finland where he now acts as the part time Swim Coach of the Cetus Masters Swim Team in Espoo (Multiple Masters National Champions).

The coaching philosophy that is portrayed throughout the Swimator blog is based on learning to understand the basics of proper technique of swimming while having fun.

Private swim lessons in Helsinki-Espoo region

If you happen to live in the Helsinki metropolitan area (Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa) and are interested in private swimming lessons, feel free to contact me.

Private swim lessons are the fastest and most efficient way to learn to swim as you will get a hands on instruction which is tailored to your swim skill level.

If you are not sure whether you need a private swim lesson in Helsinki, feel free to contact me anyway and we can find the best way to get you learning to swim.

70% of our planet is water and the water level is rising, shouldn't you know how to swim?

Contact Libor via LinkedIn or Facebook or drop me a line: coach[at]swimator[dot]com .