Have you ever thought to yourself

Well, don't think much longer and meet Mr. Smooth.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or a competitive swimmer, Mr. Smooth can help you with your freestyle stroke. The guys at SwimSmooth have developed an application that is downloaded to your computer (PC or Mac) where you can watch Mr. Smooth's perfect stroke at the comfort of your home and at your leisure.

There is a free Mr. Smooth console to download, which shows you slow motion freestyle stroke of Mr. Smooth.

Then there is also a Pro edition which allows you to view Mr. Smooth from many angles at once.

The Pro version will allow you to use the main feature "the jog wheel". Jog Wheel allows you to control the speed and position with very high accuracy and it even lets you remove the water for clarity.

Mr. Smooth at his best - Swimming
Mr. Smooth at his best - swimming

Free Mr. Smooth Console Version:

Since it is free, you might think that it will not have many features, but this is not the case.

The free version of the Mr. Smooth console lets you view the symmetrical stroke in many angles (from the side, from the top, from below, from the back, from the front, from an angle from the top/front and from an angle from a side/top).

The capacity to view a swimmer from all these angles does not leave any flaws hidden, so you can fully explore the freestyle stroke.

Furthermore, you can stop and play again the freestyle motion and to top it off you can increase and decrease the stroke rate (number of strokes per minute). And as a fun feature, you can hide the water for increasing the clarity of the stroke. 

The console should be a must for every swimmer who wants to improve, so don't give it a second thought and download the free version to help you visualize the swim technique. (Note: the free version does not give you a license to use it in coaching your team)

Download Mr. Smooth Free Appliation
The perfect swimming stroke by Mr. Smooth

Pro Mr. Smooth Console Version:

The Pro version has a much better video quality, greater control over the swimmer animation and more view rotations and also a combination of views on one screen.

The Pro version is an incredible 3USD, so a pretty good value for a small buck. 

View more features of Mr. Smooth Pro here.

So whether you are ok with the free or opt-in for a more powerful Pro version, Mr. Smooth is here to help you with your swimming style. And you can also get the Mr. Smooth Console for your iPhone, iPad or Android device, so you can show your colleagues how great your stroke looks like :).

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phoolbu said...
Swim Fins are essential tools on swimming better and faster tool. It can help give you a better form as well.
sun said...
thank you
ChampSwimmer said...
Wow that is insane...how would you make something like that?
Christine said...
Thats great..!! These type of Swim Lessons are very useful for Beginners and Experts too.
swimming lessons said...
I cannot believe they have a software like this available! Who would think. When your on a team it is easier because you have a coach in the water with you who can give you hands on instruction and you can also watch other people; But this is a great tool to go along with that instruction as well.
Swimming Log said...
Swim smooth is a pretty sweet concept. Their feedback is quick, and it seems like they really know what they are talking about. It would be nice to have more resources like this available online for swimmers.
Heart said...
Hi, Swim smooth is a pretty sweet concept. Your way of telling is very nice. Nice and Very useful posting.
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That is awesome! Might be a good idea to use in Swim Lessons as well.

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