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Just watch and learn from one of the best swimmers of all time.

The Russian rocket - Alexander Popov.

The ultimate sprinting machine from Russia.

He used to have one of the most beautiful and most efficient strokes out there.

His coach Gennadi Touretski, currently living and coaching in Switzerland is a coaching mastermind of our time and has done a tremendous job of getting Alexander Popov to be the best sprinter in the world.

Alexander is a very tall guy which makes it easy to swim (same as Michael Phelps), however, his technique is what sets him apart.

Alex Popov by Khaleej Times
Alex Popov (picture by Khaleej Times)

Watching him swim is just such a pleasure as he seems to be in this relaxed zen state of composure.

Alexander Popov up close and personal only for you.

When watching pay attention to his head position, body rotation, high elbow recovery, his high early vertical arm (catch) and just overall great freestyle swimming form.

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Sladed said...
His initial pull seems to be ALL forearm, especially on his right arm. It almost seems that the rest of his arm, from elbow to shoulder, remains almost unnaturally still until his hand completes the catch and initial pull. It is like it's exaggerated compared to many of the other swimmers I have seen. Very interesting. He was SOME swimmer.
Anonymous said...
The clipping is ultimate for someone like me who is learning freestyle.
libor said...
Thanks for the comments. The forearm should be the first thing that moves when you enter the water. It is like you are wrapping your arm around a barrel and then pushing the barrel backwards or similar to cocking a gun with the forearm and once cocked, you release it with the pull back which should be finished by throwing the fireball with your hand out of the water. Make sure to stretch as far out of your shoulder forward and then finish your stroke all the way to the end. You'd be surprised how much difference a little stretch and finish might make. Perhaps next time I should do a post on the skin suits and Alex's refusal to wear one :). He has his own skin.
RisingSunOfNihon said...
yea Popov is definitely one of the greatest freestyler thats ever walked on earth. His stroke is very efficient; although he is a sprinter he has a great amount of DPS.
agentange said...
Did anyone notice his rotation? The way he moves his torso propels him to move faster than what his arms can do for pull.
Stephen Johnston said...
great video, thanks. one question -how come all doggy paddle - head out of the water style. is it some technique training?
also, what's 'DPS'?
libor said...

DPS means 'Distance Per Stroke' which in other words is how far does a swimmer move per one stroke. If I were you I wouldn't be too concerned with this. Think of it more in a way of how many strokes you take in one length of the pool. The more strokes you take, the shorter DPS and of course the less strokes, the longer DPS.

To the head out of water swim. This is called the 'tarzan' or 'water polo swim'. It is used as a drill to get some more kicking workout and also to practice your catch in the water. Finally, it can also be used to strengthen your posture as it is quite tough to keep your chin out of the water all the time.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you are wondering more things and I can post an article about it.
Jono said...
This guy is a absolute machine, but Ryk Neethling and Schoeman will take him this year. Can you tell Im South African?
libor said...
Ahh yes, South African swimmers are fast and especially now in the new suits, Popov would not have a chance.

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