Private Swim Lessons in Helsinki-Espoo area

No matter what your swim level is, private swim lessons might just be the answer to your swim efforts. Whether you are afraid of water, just starting out to swim, interested in doing your first triathlon, or are a seasoned triathlete, private hands on instruction is the fastest and most efficient way to learn to swim or improve your swimming technique. If you live in Finland's Helsinki region and want to improve your swimming level, this might just be the thing you have been looking for. You will see a difference already after one lesson.

Fast Results: See The Impact In Your Next Swim Session

Group swim lessons are good, however, with so many people in the group nowadays you do not get the attention you deserve and this also makes learning to swim quite more difficult. With private lessons, there is no need to fight for your teacher's attention, the swim lessons are tailored to your ability level, so the improvements come much faster and the time is more flexible as well.

Why Should You Learn from Me?

My name is Libor Janek and I currently coach the best masters swim team in Finland, Cetus Masters (2011 Masters National Champions). I'll share with you my knowledge and swim trade secrets that I have learned over the 25 years of competitive swimming and 15 years of coaching/swim instructing experience ranging from young kids to college competitive swimmers to adults. I will help you learn how to swim, completely revamp your stroke and break your old habits with new drills and techniques. Interested to learn more about the swim instructor and his coaching philosophy?, please go here.

Swim Lessons Tailored Specifically For You

The private swim lesson structure is fully dependent on your ability level and your swimming goals. For example, if you are just starting out, you might be interested to feel better in the water and to swim a few laps without having to stop every so often to catch your breath. If you are a seasoned triathlete, you might be interested in learning the in and outs of freestyle technique as it pertains to open water swims to help you get ahead of your competition. So, no matter what swim level you are, you will receive tailored instruction about the water element and different swimming technique to help you get the most out of your swimming.

And as a bonus, you will get a life long contact to answer any questions related to swimming you might have.

Swim With Confidence and Cruise Through the Water

How does it work? It is simple, just contact me and we'll work out the logistical details together. Contact Libor via LinkedIn, Facebook or drop me a line via the contact form.

Water does not have to be the enemy and swimming could be a relaxing as well as a fulfilling part of your life. Everyone should have the chance to learn to swim or to swim with ease.

Who Are Private Swim Lessons For?

Total beginners - if you can't swim one pool length of freestyle or you are terrified of water, I can help

Lap swimmers - one to two lessons and you will have enough swimming technique material to go and practice on your own

Lake/river swimmers - learn to swim with ease at your local Finnish lake

Swimming veterans - Even if you think your technique will never change, prepare for some new information that will rock your world.

Triathletes - you'll learn freestyle technique for open water races which will get you to the front of the pack

Competitive pool swimmers - if you have enough energy after your regular practices, I can help you improve your stroke (hint: video analysis)

Triathletes and Competitive Swimmers

  •   Underwater filming from multiple angles - See your stroke from a new perspective and know exactly where the opportunities for improvement are

  •   Live feedback and advice from an experienced coach - Have a top coach pinpoint the holes in your stroke so you can make adjustments and instantly swim faster, smoother freestyle

  •   The latest technique strategies - Discover what's working now so you can swim easy & relaxed freestyle and get ahead of your friends

and many others..!

Who Are Private Swim Lessons Not That Great For?

Babies & Toddlers - babies are much better taught in group lessons as they need the interaction of others which is more fun for them.

Stubborn swimmers - If you want to keep your technique exactly as it is, then private lessons are not for you.

Prefer Learning to Swim on Your Own?

No worries. My swimming blog can get you started on your way to happy and enjoyable swimming.

Do you have a swimming-related question, but not interested in private swim lessons? No problem. Just let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Swimming Does Not Have To Be Complex